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Further Test Piece Information for 2018

Class 21 - Solo Singing for Girls, under 18.  The Virgin's Slumber Song  (Max Reger) is part of his Op 76 Schlichte Weisen.  No. 52 - Maria Wiegenlied.  Any authentic edition is allowed, and may be sung either in English of German.  Authentic editions (which are now in the public domain and may therefore be freely copied) are downloadable from https://imslp.org/wiki/Schlichte_Weisen%2C_Op.76_(Reger%2C_Max) , either Key Aflat (high voice), or D (low voice).  There is also an edition with English words only in Key F (medium voice).  These three editions will be available to accompanist and adjudicator; if you choose a different key, PLEASE SUPPLY AN ACCOMPANIST'S COPY.

Further information from Geoffrey Lockwood:

Updated  10 September 2018