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Holmfirth Musical Festival is a competition for instrumentalists and singers, small vocal and instrumental ensembles and choirs. 

The 72nd Annual Competition

Thursday 19 to Saturday 21 October 2017

Holmfirth Civic Hall

Huddersfield Road, Holmfirth, HD9 3AS
(almost opposite the Fire Station.  Parking in Crown Bottom Car Park - down School St, or Crown St. off Huddersfield Rd. opposite the Civic Hall)

Adjudicator: Marilynne Davies

Includes the seventeenth competition for the Rotary Club of Holmfirth Millennium Trophy (which is open to musicians aged 14 to 25 who have a local connection, or who have been previous competitors at Holmfirth, and who aim to use the 250 prize to further their musical studies.  A high standard of performance is expected, and each competitor offers a 15-minute programme. The winner in 2016 was Edwin Farrar, who played a well-received programme of Baritone Horn music.

Do visit the Festival in Holmfirth -  Thursday 19th to Saturday 21st October 2017, and support our young (and not-so-young) talent.   We offer the competitors the opportunity to perform on stage in front of an audience - you can be part of that audience - and to be heard by a professional adjudicator who gives each competitor a written report on their performance.  Competitors value these reports - they often bear out what their teachers have said, or raise other points that competitors can work on.   It is always good to win a trophy, but the main emphasis is on performance. 

A printed programme is available at the door, containing full details of all the competitors and classes.  Below is a summary:

Thursday October 19th, 4.45pm
Saturday October 21st, 9.15am,
 1.15pm & 6.00pm
 ADMISSION 2 adults, 50p children per session
(The sessions are quite long, but you are welcome to attend just part of a session as you prefer)


Solo Instruments excluding pianoforte & guitar(under 13) -   First: Edith Berryman

Solo Instruments excluding pianoforte & guitar(under 15) -   First: Max Lawrence;   Second: Hannah Bird;   Third: Isabelle Seabridge

Solo Instruments excluding pianoforte & guitar(under 19) -   First: Issy Haley-Porteous;   Second: John Lockwood

Solo Guitar(under 13) -   First: James Fitzsimons

Solo Guitar(under 15) -   First: Laura Mitchell

Pianoforte Solo(under 9) -   First: Ruby Swift;   Second: Jia-Ying Zhang;   Third: Eleanor Wood,  Jude Seabridge

Pianoforte Solo(under 11) -   First: Nicole Stella Jessop;   Second: Jessica Howson;   Third: Elizabeth Hurst

Pianoforte Solo(under 13) -   First: Nicole Stella Jessop;   Second: Charlotte Reddiough;   Third: James Fitzsimons

Pianoforte Solo(under 15) -   First: Samantha Betts;   Second: James Fitzsimons;   Third: Adam Brass

Pianoforte Solo(under 17) -   First: Emma Betts

Pianoforte Solo(Open) -   First: Laura Mitchell;   Second: Grace Denton

Pianoforte Duet(under 11) -   First: Samantha Betts and Daisy Ryan;   Second: Jessica Howson and Daisy Ryan

Pianoforte Duet(under 13) -   First: Marisha Bewley and Matthew Baynham;   Second: Matthew Baynham and Louis Kidger

Pianoforte Duet(under 16) -   First: David Silcock and Johan Kidger

Pianoforte Duet(Open) -   First: David Silcock and Johan Kidger;   Second: Maya Bewley and Emma Betts

Solo Singing for Boys(under 12) -   First: Samuel Fitzsimons

Solo Singing for Boys(unbroken voice) -   First: Zachary Smith

Solo Singing for Girls(under 12) -   First: Emma Nelson;   Second: Anna Aben

Solo Singing for Girls(under 15) -   First: Iris Davies Johnson

Solo Singing for Girls(under 18) -   First: Catie Sambrook

Junior Songs from the Shows(under 14) -   First: Samuel Fitzsimons;   Second: Emma Nelson;   Third: Freya Larder,  Lucy Wilby

Soprano Solo(Open) -   First: Francesca Flynn;   Second: Lesley Warren,  Catie Sambrook

Contralto Solo(Open) -   First: Sarah Elizabeth Briggs;   Second: Gabriel Eastwood

Tenor Solo(Open) -   First: Richard Buxton

Baritone Solo(Open) -   First: Colin Shires;   Second: Kevin Lawman

Operatic solo, all voices(Open) -   First: Lorna Boole;   Second: Richard Buxton,  Lesley Warren

Oratorio Solo, all voices(Open) -   First: Richard Buxton;   Second: Sarah Elizabeth Briggs,  David Walters

Light Operatic Solo, all voices(Open) -   First: David Walters;   Second: Richard Buxton

Songs from Twentieth Century Shows(Open) -   First: Sarah Elizabeth Briggs;   Second: Peter Sutcliffe

Folk Song, unaccompanied or self-accompanied(open) -   First: Lesley Warren;   Second: Catie Sambrook

Schumann / Schubert(Open) -   First: Lorna Boole;   Second: David Walters

Children's Choir Class() -   First: Huddersfield Girls Choir

Family Class (vocal and / or instrumental)(Family) -   First: The Sambrook Family

Challenge Choir Class(adult choirs) -   First: Denholme Voices Ladies Choir;   Second: Denholme Voices

Instrumental Ensemble, 2 to 20 players(Year 6 and below) -   First: Ella Berryman and Edith Berryman

Instrumental Ensemble, 2 to 20 players(Year 9 and below) -   First: Eve Forshaw and Edith Berryman;   Second:  Abigail Walker and Thea Cromack

Instrumental Ensemble, 2 to 20 players(under 19) -   First: Musica Holme Valley Senior Guitars

Junior Songs from the Shows(under 18) -   First: Helen Murray-Webster;   Second: Zachary Smith

Rotary Millennium Trophy(14 to 25) -  Edwin Farrar

Instrumental Ensemble, 2 or more players(Open) -   First: Friends of Beaumont Park Ukuleles

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or contact the secretary, Mrs. K. Kingdom   

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