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Welcome to Holmfirth Musical Festivalís 75th Annual Competition.

The links on the right will take you to the 2022 syllabus - which is mostly what we prepared for 2020.  WE ARE PLEASED TO BE ABLE TO ADD SOME NEW CLASSES - the POP BALLAD (14 to 17 year-olds) and DISNEY (young people up to 17) classes The Covid situation at the moment indicates that we should be able to  hold a full Festival this year.  It will subsequently be cancelled or altered only if the government puts us back into restrictions again.  At that point, we will publish a new syllabus showing only the classes we are offering.
Details of the test pieces and classes can be downloaded from the links on the right of this page.  If you would like to enter, please download also an entry form.  (Entry is not yet available online, although we are working on this - you need to send in a paper entry form). The details are in Adobe pdf format, which most browsers can read.  If your computer is unable to download them, you may need to install
Adobe Reader .  The entry form is also available in Microsoft Word format so you can edit that on your computer if you wish.

Following discussion with piano teachers, at our last Festival we gave competitors more choice in test pieces - there are very few classes now with specific prescribed testpieces.  Instead, competitors can choose from a range of pieces.   We hope that this will encourage more to enter, but we would welcome feedback about this.   Feedback indicated that this was a successful move, so we have widened this to include all the classes.  Please note that we have changed some of the collections - they are not all the same as last year.  Also, please note that although some of these are collections published by ABRSM, they are not necessarily the ABRSM exam list - check the details carefully.

The General Data Protection Regulation came into force recently, and we have published our Data Protection Policy (included in the syllabus, and available in the Policies document via the links on the right).  In particular, we have deleted all personal data we have accumulated from entry forms before 2018.  We shall add details of competitors etc. to the database started in 2018 from entry forms submitted this year that include a consent signature.  Please note that we will not be able to process entries for which no consent is given - consent is a condition of entry!

Note that the Rotary trophy competition is open to young people who reside in the Holmfirth area (defined as being within 7 miles radius of Holmfirth centre), and carries a £250 prize. It is also open to competitors who have supported the Festival in the past, but who live outside the geographical limit (see the syllabus for full details).  Apart from this class, and the choirs classes, none of the other classes carries a monetary prize.

The downloads below correspond to the most up-to-date printed version of the syllabus (and do not include any corrections detailed above)

For further information, please email:


 amended 25 April 2022




The downloads below correspond to the most up-to-date printed version of the syllabus (pub. 25 April 2022)

  Download Adobe Reader in order to be able to view and print the pdf files.