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Welcome to Holmfirth Musical Festival’s 72nd Annual Competition.

Details of the test pieces and classes can be downloaded from the links on the right of this page.  If you would like to enter, please download also an entry form.  (Entry is not yet available online - you need to send in a paper entry form). The details are in Adobe pdf format, which most browsers can read.  If your computer is unable to download them, you may need to install Adobe Reader .  The entry form is also available in Microsoft Word format so you can edit that on your computer if you wish.

CLASSES 24, 25, 26 have further information about the test piece, including download details here.

Please note that there are reduced entry fees for multiple entries by one competitor (see page 5).  
We hope to have an increased number of entries in the children’s instrumental classes (classes 1, 2 and 3) and if so, we intend to subdivide these classes into woodwind, brass and strings (see page 8).
The  children’s  choirs  class  (page  13),  revived  quite  recently,  has  proved  to  be  very popular.  We are of course pleased with this, but also somewhat embarrassed because the Civic Hall can barely accommodate all the singers and their audience.  We have investigated the possibility of moving this class to a larger venue, but this is not possible.  Accordingly, for Health and Safety reasons, we have decided to limit the number of singers per choir this year to 40.  Furthermore, entries will be accepted in order of receipt of applications, up to the available seating capacity for competitors. We hope that choirs will understand the reason for these measures.
If you are a trophy holder from the 2016 Festival, we would appreciate its return as you agreed, by August 31st 2017.  In recent years it has been an onerous task for our volunteers to prepare the trophies because of the amount of chasing needed.
We would also appreciate your cooperation in filling in the entry form.  The forms are split up into classes on receipt, and again it takes our volunteers extra time to search for information required to compile the programme when items have been omitted from the form.  Please check that you have included all the items requested for the class you are entering, on each form.
Music can be obtained from Dawson’s Music (11-15 Market St. Huddersfield, tel. 01484 427455), or from Hot Banana Music (7 Norridge Bottom, Holmfirth, tel. 01484 767535), or online from musicroom.com or your favourite music shop.

Note that the Rotary trophy competition is open to young people who reside in the Holmfirth area (defined as being within 7 miles radius of Holmfirth centre), and carries a £250 prize. It is also open to competitors who have supported the Festival in the past, but who live outside the geographical limit (see the syllabus for full details).  Apart from this class, and the choirs classes, none of the other classes carries a monetary prize.

The downloads below represent the most up-to-date version of the syllabus (in case corrections have to be made - which has not been the case so far!):

For further information, please email:


 amended 28 April 2017




The downloads below represent the most up-to-date version of the syllabus (pub. 28 April 2017)

  Download Adobe Reader in order to be able to view and print the pdf files.